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Catering at Croygas Sports Club


We can offer the following menu items for our buffet catering service. For weddings and
other formal sit down functions the menu will be discussed fully prior to the event. 

Please note the points below when ordering the buffet menu.

  • Waiting staff are not included.
  • Waiting staff may be hired @ £10.00 per hour
  • Portions stated are appromimate and are for guidance only.
  • All necessary disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes are included
  • China and cutlery may be hired @ £25.00 (to include washing up)


    Please note the minimum order is £200.00


    Menu Item

    Sandwiches - 10 rounds per tray
    Cocktail Sausages
    Sausage rolls x 20 portions
    Quiche x 20 portions
    Prawn vol-au-vents x 40 portions
    Chicken drumsticks or chicken nuggets x 15 portions
    Chicken satay x 20 portions
    Chicken nuggets and chips x 15 portions
    Assorted spring rolls / Samosas x large tray
    Cheese and pineapple x 15 portions
    Dips with assorted crudities
    Assorted meats to include: ham, turkey etc. x 15 portions
    Whole fresh salmon (30 portions)
    Coleslaw salad or potato salad or mixed green salad
    Pizza slices
    Cocktail sausages and chips x large tray
    Baskets of French bread and butter
    Platter of fresh fruit cut into portions
    Assorted gateaux or profiteroles x 18 portions
    Assorted cheese and biscuits with celery and grapes

    Chocolate fountain served with strawberries / marshmellows
        (Please note that staff are required with this item)
    Hot curry and rice with nan bread (minimum 20 portions)

    Nuts and crips - one bowl of each per table


    £13.50 per tray
    £12.00 per tray
    £12.00 per tray
    £16.00 each
    £12.00 per tray
    £15.00 per tray
    £25.00 per tray
    £18.00 per tray
    £20.00 per large tray
    £12.00 per tray
    £15.00 per large tray
    £26.00 per tray
    £45.00 each
    £15.00 per bowl
    £15.00 per tray
    £18.00 per tray
    £ 2.00 per basket
    £15.00 per platter
    £12.00 each
    £18.00 per tray

     £ 4.00 per portion

    £1.50 per table